Message of the Board

We are very pleased to welcome you to Telhabel Group’s website and we appreciate your interest
in our work.

Founding Partner & Director

The first words of this Board of Directors are to honour Engineer Manuel Sampaio Couto who, in a small city of the north of Portugal, had the courage, the initiative and the ability to develop an innovative business which have grown to be a relevant group of companies still owned and managed by the family.

Since 1973 and thanks to our superlative team and to our loyal partners, Telhabel Group have not only managed to grow but have also been quite successful weathering the storm in the most challenging periods like the financial and real estate crises or, most recently, the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Nothing motivates us more than doing our job and doing it right, as well as creating opportunities for all of those involved; opportunities to learn, to create and to share. That’s how we aim to contribute to a better world.

We would be honoured to have you on board of this journey with over 51 years.