A Group with a past,
a present and a future

The history of Telhabel Group starts in 1973 with the incorporation in Portugal of the engineering and construction company “Telhabel – Construções, S.A.” – back then, “Telhabel – Fábrica de Telha de Betão, Limitada”.

The long-term mindset of the shareholders combined with an entrepreneurial professional management and a resilient and dedicated team resulted on the successful internationalisation of the Group.

This growth enabled – and, concomitantly, demanded in a risk management approach – the investment in different business areas as well as the restructure and professionalisation of the Group.

Today, besides over 51 years of knowledge and experience in engineering and construction, Telhabel Group is a significant player in other sectors like real estate, education, tourism, agriculture and renewable energy.

Always looking ahead, Telhabel Group is currently part of new ventures in project finance and continues to explore further partnerships and opportunities.